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What's going on, everybody?

As we mentioned in the audio blog, we're moving out of the band's house, and we have found plenty of gems in the process. But since all of us are moving, we started to throw out some things that we realized you might like!

At shows, we ALWAYS get questions like, "Where can I get those shoes?" or "Can I buy that amazing shirt from you?" And the answer is YES! We are selling some really cool things: Soul Glow's stage shoes, the costumes from the Grandma Got Ran Over video, some of Chap Stique's old sunglasses, CD's, etc. The proceeds from the Grandma costumes will be donated to The Onelove (please check out, it's a nonprofit organization started by our friend, and it helps out a lot of charities like Invisible Children)!

We've put 2 different sales on eBay, and you can check them out by going to eBay and searching:

1. type in "FF5": or, paste this link in your browser and hit "view seller's other items"

2. type in "Soul Glow Activatur": or, paste this link in your browser and hit "view seller's other items"

These are pretty incredible and unique items. Thanks so much for checking it out, and have an amazing day! We're all very excited about the Heart Support Tour!

Family Force 5

Family Force 5 (often abbreviated FF5, formerly known as The Phamily and The Brothers) is a Christian crunk band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Since its formation, the band has quickly grown in popularity.

Family Force 5 has played at Alive Festival, which was their very first festival, as well as Warped Tour, Creation Festival, Lifest, Joshua Fest, Ichthus Music Festival, Cornerstone Florida, Portable Sounds, Purple Door, NewDay 2006 and performed on the Underground stage of Cornerstone Festival in July 2006 and the main stage this year. They will also be playing at Rock the Universe in Universal Studios Florida in September. Family Force 5 has appeared on mtvU's "The Freshman Class", DirecTV's CD USA twice (First performing Luv Addict, and the second time, Kountry Gentleman), G4's Attack of the Show!, and CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on 14 July 2006. They have also played a concert on the one hour show "Front Row Live" on Gospel Music Channel.

& here's some information on the one love, that other celebs like tyler hilton, ben romans (the click 5), & alex band (the calling) are involved in, which is where the proceeds from the auction go to. it was started by a good friend of mine & is an awesome idea:

We don't have one specific cause that we can outline in a paragraph, Our mission is to help bring a little light to as many people as we can by building our own community of dedicated artists, writers, producers and fans who can come together with their combined passion and love of music and change the lives of others. Each blogger has chosen one charity to support. 100% of all profits collected from traffic to their blog page, from banner ads, will be donated to their charity of choice. Each charity was chosen for a specific reason by each blogger. Perhaps they will share their story and passion for their charity in their blogs. Perhaps, in the future, you can share yours too.

source: 1 & 2
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