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Taylor Swift making her mark

Sure, we've probably all had the occasional fender bender. But how many times has it happened where the person you rear-ended at the time turned out to be the person you were listening to in your car's CD player?

Well it apparently happened to one driver who ran into Taylor Swift recently.

"Yeah, somebody hit my car and then asked me to sign a broken piece of my taillight," Swift says. "Then it was crazy, five minutes later this other woman saw me on the side of the road and decided that she wanted to get an autograph for her daughter. So she pulled over to get my autograph and then somebody hit her car. It was quite the experience."

One vehicle Swift didn't have to worry about damaging recently was a pink "jacked-up" Chevy pick-up truck her label Big Machine Records purchased for her on her 18th birthday in December.

Instead of keeping it, Swift donated the truck to Victory Junction Gang, a children's charity aimed at kids battling terminal diseases.

"They have camps all over the country for kids who are sick," she says. "It's one week each some they forget they're sick and just have a blast and hang out with other people who they can relate to.. They look forward to it and I love that cause."
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