allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
allison vernon-williams

So the 33rd annual Atlanta "World of Wheels" was in town, and with them came some celebs. I had no desire to attempt to see Jason Earles / Jackson of Hannah Montana (could you imagine the kids there?!), but I did go today and hung around waiting for:

Pixie Acia from TLC's LA Ink! She has pink hair and a hurt arm :( At the end of last season, she still had purple-y hair, so you might remember her better like this:

So she was scheduled to appear from 12-5, but the plane was delayed leaving Boston, from what I understood. She got there a little after two, and literally dragged her luggage in with her. I couldn't believe it, tbh, most people would have insisted on going to their hotel or w/e first, but she didn't. Thanks Pixie!

So I asked her about the ONTD sign, and she asked a little more about it, and I was like we collect them...we have John Waters, Tim Burton, Lance Bass, and she agreed. I'm holding, since her arm is hurt :(

The thing I loved most was that she had a guestbook type thing too--she wanted to know who all came and saw her! Ily, Pixie!

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