millivanillihot (millivanillihot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

more from Palm Springs

@ the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards
Palm Springs

Drew Barrymore        Bruce Willis
Daniel Day-Lewis    John Travolta
Sean Penn                Ricky Lake
& many, many more  :o)

i love drew  :o)

luv ya drew!

bruce willis needs a razor.

w/john travolta
what's john whispering in his ear?

daniel day-lewis
still sexy.

mmmm... sean penn.

i want his nose in naughty places.

i could post 20 pics of him
& still want more.

amanda bynes
she's attended 2 days.

i love her.
not as much as drew.
or penn.

w/ricki lake

w/elijah kelley

w/the cast of hairspray
travolta & zac have the same
mouth expression.

the next day  :o)

w/john travolta

w/brittany snow

holy shite that was amanada
overload. sorry.

i bet that watch is bank.
i was watching sweet 16 blingiest
bdays. one dad gave his daughter
a $20,000 watch. he was wearing
one that was $275,000. wtf?

ricki lake
this dress is much better
than the blue one.

w/van & zac
awwww... she's wearing zac's jacket.

halle berry & her baby bump.... errrr hill.

she looks soooo good.

w/john singleton

ellen page, allison janney & jason bateman

mary hart
anyone remember her from
entertainment tonight?


ellen page.
she's cute.

barry manilow
jesus... look @ that ring!

& finally....
for your photoshopping pleasure
you can be on the red carpet.  :o)


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