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Pete Tries to Woo Winehouse

"WHO says Amy Winehouse is off her head? The mixed-up singer reacted just like any other girl when potty Pete Doherty came on heavy.

...She was so upset that she burst into tears and threw him out of her flat.

It all started with a cat which the Babyshambles frontman thought would be the perfect romantic pressie for married Amy, whose husband Blake Fielder-Civil has been on remand in prison since November.

When he turned up with a kitten shortly before Christmas, Amy, 24, invited him into her pad in Bow, East London.

But then it went downhill. Doherty delivered his bombshell and said he was falling for Amy. The mad rocker even asked for a Christmas kiss.

A friend of Pete's explained: "Pete has had a thing for Amy for a while. When Pete falls for someone, he gets completely lost in the moment.

"He said he couldn't stop himself from telling Amy he fancied her. But he's upset that he made her cry. Pete said Amy burst into tears when he revealed his feelings and said she was in love with her husband Blake.

"She asked Pete to leave straight away. He did, but he left the kitten behind. Amy's friends are now taking care of the kitten while she is on holiday and they've called it Lucky".

It has certainly had a lucky escape from Pete, 28, who was paid a visit by the RSPCA last year after admitting sharing a crack pipe with one of his own moggies.

Before they fell out, Pete and Amy discussed singing a duet together. Pete's friend added: "Pete is desperate to contact her because he wants to do some solo work in 2008 and he wants Amy involved. He has a lot of apologising to do."

But Amy, holidaying at Bryan Adams' villa on Mustique, has refused to take his calls. They have not spoken for two weeks, I'm told. "

source : http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/showbiz/showbiznews/2008/01/06/doherty-woos-winehouse-98487-20276956/
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