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Minutes after being released from Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Britney Spears was spotted leaving her Beverly Hills mansion in her white Mercedes. Once she spotted the ever-present paparazzi, she did a complete 180 in the opposite direction.

Page Six claims the out-of-control popwreck is currently “driving aimlessly near her house.”

edit: says Britney has been in her Beverly Hills home since her release from Cedars Sinai, despite reports that she is already out and about driving her Mercedes in L.A.

so old pic MAYBE.

UPDATE: Despite reports that Britney was behind the wheel again less than two hours after being released from care at Cedars Sinai, X17 can confirm that she's still on the property of her Beverly Hills home.

Britney did leave her property momentarily, but only to pick up a friend from down the street who wasn't able to get past her community's gate.

Other visitors, however, have fared better at getting an audience with the troubled starlet - Page Six reports that Jamie Spears was seen leaving his daughter's gated community shortly before she left to pick up a friend.

Kevin Federline, meanwhile, hasn't been venturing out much either. X17 photographers haven't seen him outside of his house today, although they managed to snap shots of a new bodyguard reporting for duty at his mansion out in the Valley earlier this morning.

and there is a video it at
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