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some sarah harding news

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Sarah Harding Blasts 'Sick' Magazine

GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING has lambasted a British magazine for mocking the disabled son of glamour model KATIE PRICE, calling the incident "sick".

The Call The Shots star - a close friend of the busty U.K. pin-up - was furious when Heat magazine produced a sticker of Price's severely disabled five-year-old child Harvey with the slogan, "Harvey Wants To Eat Me." Harding insists the incident was made all the more disgraceful because Price and her husband PETER ANDRE are such loving, doting parents to Harvey and their children together, Junior, two, and six-month-old Princess Tiáamii.

Harvey Price - whose father is soccer star Dwight York - suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, a rare condition which means he is visually impaired and suffers from hormonal deficiencies.

Harding tells OK! magazine, "I've been there with Kate of a weekend, she f**king dotes on those kids. They are such good parents and very family orientated.

"She sits and reads to him and tried to stimulate him. He has problems, so why would people pick on someone's vulnerability? It's sick."
Broody Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding wants to start a family with boyfriend Tom Crane.

The Girls Aloud singer is keen to become a mother but is worried her DJ lover wants too many children.

Sarah, 26, said: "I do get a little broody. And we have talked about kids. Tommy wants loads. More than I think I can pop out!

"He has it all worked out. He wants three kids - two boys, one to be named Charlie after his dad and one called Angus after his older brother, and he wants a little girl.

"So all my name choices will mean nothing!"

The 'No Good Advice' singer also revealed she would like her 28-year-old boyfriend to propose to her in the romantic Italian city of Venice.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "We were in Venice recently and talked about it and I said, 'Imagine Tommy, if you got down on one knee on one of the lovely canals or bridges. I think on a gondola would be a bit clichéd.

"Or maybe on a quiet street at night where it's quieter and it's all lit up."


GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING's new boyfriend TOM CRANE has blasted reports he developed an unhealthy obsession with the star in the years prior to their romance. DJ Crane blames a bitter former acquaintance for spreading the lies when the couple first hooked up last year (07), insisting he merely harboured a fleeting interest in Harding after noticing her on 2002 British TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals. He tells OK! magazine, "Let me clear up a few things about my supposed fascination with Sarah. Some t**t I used to know sold a story to stick the knife in, saying that before I started going out with her, I was really, really into her, in an obsessive kind of way. "That's definitely not my style. I mean, I knew she'd been on one of those shows but I thought it was Popstars, but it was Popstars: The Rivals. And I had seen a few episodes and said at the time, I liked the blonde one."

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Scans of the OK! article that all three items mention are located here.
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