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Shout out to ONTD

shout out to ONTD everyone!

I'm at work reading the Toronto Star, which had a article about Britney on the 3rd page of the paper...kinda shocked and they cited us! in a good way too! props to all the mods who are keeping up the BRITUATION '08 posts! (i think i'm a little too excited about this :-P)

For about two seconds when I first saw the picture of Britney strapped to a gurney I felt a tiny bit sad for her. Then I gave myself a good slap and looked at the shots of her smiling to the photographers as she was transported to hospital and I was back to normal.

It's been a big week for the former professional virgin. Yesterday lawyers for Fed-Ex and Britney met to discuss stripping her of visitation rights following her antics the day before. (Interesting, and true, sidebar: Her law firm has asked to be allowed to withdraw as counsel due to "lack of communication" with their client.)

Thursday began with ex Kevin Federline's lawyers making yet another a futile attempt to depose her in the child custody case.

The day ended with a three-hour standoff over handing off her kids to K-Daddy, attracting police and fire trucks and culminating with what they refer to in California as a "5150 hold," which is the old danger-to-yourself-or-others. (Interesting, and possibly true, sidebar: According to celeb site TMZ.com and US magazine, no one on staff at Cedars-Sinai wanted to sit with Britney to make sure she was okay.)

The problem with having any kind of opinion on this very entertaining piece of absurd theatre is that by the time you read it, Britney could be A: dead (in which case I'll be considered an even bigger bitch than usual) or B: she could be back sipping Frappuccinos and inviting random photographers to her hotel room for unsavoury reasons, as has been her daily routine for a while.

It could go either way and for keeping up with the minute-to-minute developments I recommend dlisted.com for wit or Oh No They Didn't at http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/ for its excellently democratic vitriol.

But, okay, here is what I think about Britney versus the cruel, cruel world (no matter what happens):

1) It's not the media's fault. Period. Once you've willingly taken off your underpants and shown the world your very unattractive privates, all bets are off. Personal responsibility is such a fascinating concept. (Interesting, and not wholly unsubstantiated, sidebar: Spears routinely lets the photographers know where she's going to be.)

2) The only thing that could make it remotely the media's fault would be if all celebrities in the entire world became the same kind of unhinged. Most just become sour and convinced that their inflated egos are justified.

3) Further to above, Christina Aguilera, who is Britney's contemporary and who was also a Disney child, did not deteriorate the same way. (Granted, she's overdoing the clown makeup a bit and she's too famous to give birth the old-fashioned way, but that's really not even worth mentioning.)

4) Britney is making over $700,000 a month for doing I'm not quite sure what. If being hounded by the press is such a hardship, pack up and move to Fishpackingplantville and have a nice life. Advice, btw, that should also be heeded by Goldie Hawn, who for some reason (lack of attention, perhaps?) this week decided to whine about how her part-time home of Aspen is overrun by uncouth photographers. Teachers or others, who, you know, do something useful, never seem to have this problem.

5) Britney is our Marilyn Monroe and our Elvis (which in and of itself is a sad commentary on our time, but that's another story). Fame and fortune and creepy sex appeal come with a price and maybe it's just her time to pay.

source: http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/People/article/291204
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