Rebecca (talk_play_love) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Did JLS ~inspire~ Nickelodeon?

Is Nickelodeon using Jamie Lynn's current pregnancy palooza to run special heart-to-heart adverts stressing kids to talk to their parents? The past couple of days the network has been airing some pretty interesting adverts urging kids and parents to communicate; stating, 'sometimes listening is better than an answer.' Hmm...suspicious. But it wasn't until this morning that the red flag of lol went up. 'Cleverly' disguising the dialogue to be nondescript, here is a rough transcript I hastily typed up:

"Nickelodeon asks kids to talk to their parents about..."

Little girl: "No way."

Little boy: "Boy and girl stuff."

Teenage girl: "A girl in my class, in my elementary school, had told me about it but she told me the wrong thing. She told me something totally wrong and when I asked my mom I didn't know how she was going to react to the question but then I figured it'd be better to ask her and get the right information."

Girl's mom: "So I went out and got my books and brought (bought? it was hard to understand) pictures and I explained this is what really happens."

Teenage girl: "I was shocked my mom told me the truth which was totally different from what she said."

It continues into some light hearted laughter concerning the mother's lack of an upper lip when she is nervous. Yeah, I don't know either.

I guess firing the preggo would be setting a bad example so they've decided to take the special health class approach. Way to be gracious, Nickelodeon. Linda Ellerbee is anxiously awaiting your call.

Source: me and my tv
Photo source: agusus99 on Flickr

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