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An Interview with Dora

Q) How did you get involved with the show?

A) I was contacted by a casting director through Myspace.com. They emailed me and asked me to audition. So, I sent in my information and ended making my way through the process.

Q) Did you have a feeling you would end up as far as you did?

A) I went into the competition being myself, I really wanted it so I always told them that. I also worked hard and did the best I could.

Q) Who did you think was your biggest competition?

A) I said at week number one that Chantal was my biggest competition and that we would be the last two standing. She had that fire for it.

Q) What is the best advice you learned from your time on the show?

A) Just to be natural and be yourself. Know who you are and know your body. Also, be able to take criticism and stay positive.

Q) What did you think when you saw the TV screen showed your photo?

A) I freaked out when I saw the screen. I was so nervous and when she said my name. I was so happy! I went into the competition being confident and I knew I needed to stay focused in order to win. Obviously, this is a great door opener. I have met with Covergirl, Seventeen and Elite Models.

Q) Because of your history with Tyra and her program T-Zone, do you think the competition was fair?

A) I feel everything was done fair and I worked hard and deserved it. I did the best so people could see who I truly am on the show.

Q) What was the most difficult aspect of the show for you?

A) The whole transition into my new makeover. I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked in the beginning, but after awhile I got over it and was able to be confident again.

Q) What are some of your runway tips and modeling tips?

A) Be confident. Pretend like no one else is there and walk straight. Also practice a lot with high heals on. If you're going to the mall, wear high heels. Go out there and fight for it. Nothing comes easy so go conquer your dreams!

Q) What was your favorite part of your time in China?

A) The Great Wall by far! It was such a great place to visit.

Q) Do you think the show has changed you and how are things since you've returned to LA?

A) The competition made me a better model. I am more knowledgeable in the modeling industry now and I can take critiques positively. It is weird though that everyone notices me now, but I am so overjoyed.

Q) What are you going to do now that you have won "America's Next Top Model?"

A) I plan to work out of Los Angeles for a while in modeling and see what doors open for me.


I am so over this bitch.

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