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Thought you’d heard it all when it comes to Britney? Not so. Insiders in the US are now saying that Britney has invited her pregnant 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn to move in with her – presumably, after she’s been released from hospital.
“Britney is trying to convince Jamie Lynn that they would have a blast,” says a family source. “They could be together all the time, just like they once were. Jamie Lynn is so scared and confused right now, she’s actually considering it. Britney knows she has not been the best role model lately. She didn’t look out for Jamie Lynn enough and failed as a big sister. All she can do now is put the offer out there and see what happens.”

Meanwhile, Los Angeles is waking up to the news that Britney is still holed up in the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre while K-Fed’s lawyers are rumoured to be making a beeline for the commissioner’s office to try to permanently take away Britney’s visitation rights.

imo i wouldn't put it past britney to have invited her, but srsly, i wouldn't have thought jamie-lynn was that thick to consider it...but i spose it's not like it's going to happen any more, is it?

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