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Exclusive Interview With ROY MAYORGA

hey stone sour fans, breaking news.

"Roy Mayorga is one of the illest drummers around, period. He expands an extreme energy any band he plays in, as the original drummer of Soulfly, the Roadrunner United album, touring with Sepultura etc… and the newest venture, Stone Sour. Check out this fresh interview what he is up to right now…"


DANNYBOY’S DAILY DOSE: Lets kick off with “Come What(ever) May”…what are your personal thoughts, what this album stands for to you, and what its position in your carreer?

ROY MAYORGA: Well, this record is very special to me more because its the most different situation i’ve been invovled in. Its a Rock record. I never been in a band that would make such a record before. For me its a great thing…I always wanted to be in a band like this. I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, The Who, Kiss, Black Sabbath…Police, Rush….i can go on……Not saying we sound like any of these bands i mentioned but its in the Rock and Roll format i can identify with. Also another special thing about this record for me is the fact i got called in to do this record without knowing any of the other guys in the band and we just had instant chemistry when we all met for the first time (on another note…the song they tried me out on was Reborn which was the first song i ever recorded with Stone Sour)…pretty crazy. I walked in that studio, they played me song by song. I would learn it right there and record it…..all in 4 days 12 hours a day. I think that is by far one of the coolest experiences I ever had in the studio.

DDD: Technically and musically how you feel to play in Stone Sour after the other bands you played before?

RM: Its deffinatly turned me into a different player playing with Stone Sour…i tend to try and channel the drummers i grew up on like Bohnam, Moon and incorperate some of their feel with my own feel to come up with whats on the record. The other bands i was involved in did’nt really call for that. But were lots of fun to play with as well. Over the years you learn instinctually how to adapt. Thats what a musician does i guess.

DDD: When you worked on the album, how much you involved in the creative process and ideas?

RM: Well, some of the parts were there already….i just enhanced them and made them a lot more solid and changed up a few parts to suit my vibe i was adding to the songs for the most part. The songs were written before i entered the studio. Originally i was only recording the album…..but then i ended up joining the band as full member. Its pretty wild how it all came together.

DDD: Scott Ian told in an interview about the record that its one of his favourites in years and it made a great impact on him. How you felt when you heard this?

RM: I was pretty blown away to hear him say that. I mean he’s been there done that. For him to say something like is pretty amazing….it means alot to me coming from him. Thanx Scott you F*%$ing rule!

DDD: You put out a special edition CD/DVD version. Let us know something about the new tracks and that show in Moscow…

RM: The new tracks are from the same session as the record ….they did’nt make it on but when we heard that Roadrunner were going to repress the album we thought it would be cool to add and share those tracks with everyone. The live show i thought was a cool idea to add the package ….Man! We were sooooo jet lagged that night….ha ha. Playing on different gear that wasn’nt ours and adapting to it. (there’s that word again “adapting”)

DDD: In Stone Sour you mix the melodic parts with brutality and the result is extreme energic. Are you agree with this statement?

RM: Think that applies more so live.

DDD: You appeared on Roadrunner United. “The Enemy” is one of my personal favs, i’m feeling its violence. What are your thoughts about that one?

RM: Its a brutal song, its ALOT of fun for me to play. Dino Cazares and I wrote that one together. I wish at the time when i was recording it that we would be a real band. Because i loved playing that style of drums so much…its a great release. Dino and I talk about for the future of possibly putting together a band which would consist of Dino, Andreas Kisser, Paul Grey or Marcelo Diaz, and yours truly. We’ll get together one day and record some more and see what happens.

DDD: Last year you toured with Sepultura. How you enjoyed that period?

RM: That was an incredible time…..those guys were so great to jam with, hang with. To jump in that situation for me was unheard of. The day Andreas asked me to join them for the tour i nearly fell out of my chair spilling my whole pint on the floor. It was alot of fun. And it felt great to be able to have the chance to play all those classic Sepultura songs that we all love so much……if they were ever to ask me again to play i would definatly do it.

you can read the rest of the interview here


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