Britney Spears Street Team (teambritspears) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Britney Spears Street Team

I agree with Britney

Britney suggests adoption for Jamie Lynn's baby

Britney Spears wants her pregnant sixteen year old sister to put her unborn baby up for adoption. The pop mom had warned her sister previously “not to ruin her life by going through with the pregnancy” and it appears that Brit’s advice has lead to a split for the Spears sisters.

A spywitness tells The National Enquirer:

Britney told Jamie Lynn it was best for her to get an abortion and move on with her life and career and not to look back.”

Britney is worried that Jamie Lynn has ruined her budding career and she will be trapped in Louisiana with her mom as a struggling single parent.

A feisty Jamie Lynn told her big sis that she is making “her own decision and not letting anyone tell her to get rid of her baby.”

“Jamie Lynn really thought Britney might have been the only one to understand her feelings about having a baby, since she has two babies of her own,” the Enquirer’s mole added.


Basically, Britney told JLS to get an abortion, she said no, so now shes saying JLS give the baby up for adoption instead.

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