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You got served, er PAID.

Remember the TMZ video from earlier with one big happy family: Chris Stokes, Ricky Romance, & Raz B??

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Well, I bring you, from one of my best sources (and it is updated again):

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I'm on the phone with my dear friend and top Hollywood publicist, who is probably as close to this situation as one can get without being in the family. She says that Stokes and the Thornton brothers have decided to reach a financial agreement. An agreement that will include "project deals" for both brothers.

According to her sources Stokes has been physically ill since the allegations of molestation were weighed against him. In fact, several business deals, including a film were jeopardized as a result. "Everyone was coming out of the woodworks, making claims against Chris, and it just wasn't good for business. The reason DeMario and Ricky spoke out in the first place is because Chris had been dissing them for years. He made a lot of promises that he didn't keep, and they brought the ghosts of the past out."

This is a sad, tawdry situation, y'all. No real winners. It seems like both sides decided to take the path of least resistance. For Raz and Ricky pursuing a criminal case against Stokes with only circumstantial evidence (if that), would have been an expensive, uphill battle. And for Stokes, perhaps continuing to pay for silence was the easiest option? It's typical for abuse victims to become "users" when they get older and realize the power behind what they know.

And I guess that's the Hollywood game, kids. Use and get used just the same....

I know what I smell. What do you think?

**Please tell you didn't sell out for money, Ricky & Raz. Ricky, dude, I was just talking to you yesterday. This won't do anything for your emerging new careers if it's true, boys. Sorry. Also, we know Chris Stokes is guilty. That hasn't been denied and the whispers about it are old as the hills. But he apparently can buy boys. BOYCOTT TUG ARTISTS.

B Scott: "Everybody's WHACK!!!!" Thanks, anidee


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