give me something to sing about (danne_gerous) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
give me something to sing about

The Denials


Deny! Deny! Deny! Ashlee Simpson and Kim Kardashian have both denied they are engaged to UsWeekly . Ashlee was spotted yesterday wearing some ring on her engagement finger, but her rep says that she is not promised to Pete Wentz.

Kim Kardashian was rumored to have gotten engaged to Reggie Bush, but she told UsWeekly, "Like he would marry me?! I'm a whore!." No...she said, "It's not true. Not yet!"

I love the "not yet" part. She's optimistic. NOT EVER, I hope.

Again, I don't believe when celebrities deny this crap. They are all liars! They are lie tellers! I think Ass and Pete might be engaged, because I can see those two nerds getting married. I don't see Reggie proposing to Kim K anytime soon though.

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