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Gemma Ward and Heath Ledger dating?

SUPERMODEL Gemma Ward is firming up as the new leading lady in Heath Ledger's life, with reports the pair are now dating emerging from their hometown Perth.

Ledger's relatives have been telling friends that the two are now and item and the pair have been spotted at parties in the Western Australian capital over the festive season.

One witness who saw them together at Creatures Loft in Fremantle on Boxing Day said they were acting like a couple.

"They weren't all over each other but they were sitting together and looked like they were together," the source told Confidential.

The US-based pair - who returned home to spend Christmas with their families - were with a group of friends and Ward was looking her usual stunning self in a pink maxi dress.

But the runway babe has also been taking the opportunity to catch up with her gal pals and was seen having lunch at Benny's Bar and Cafe in Fremantle.

Since news the curtain had fallen on his three-year relationship with his Brokeback Mountain missus Michelle Williams broke in August, the Casanova has been linked to everyone from Helena Christensen to Heather Graham.

Rumours of a romance with Ward first arose in November, with reports in the New York Post that he had been "following Gemma around everywhere".

But at the time Ward was described as "definitely not interested".

The pair should have plenty in common - while Ledger is an Oscar-winning actor Ward also has an emerging film career of her own.

Her breakthrough flick The Black Balloon, in which she stars alongside Toni Collette, has been selected for the Berlin Film Festival in February.

If talk of the twosome is true, 20-year-old Ward will also end up playing step-mum to Ledger's two-year-old daughter Matilda.

Representatives for the pair were unavailable for comment yesterday and Ward's model sister Sophie declined to comment.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22998452-5012974,00.html


This article is a whole load of bollocks for so many reasons not least that he has never won an Oscar. But the thought of them together makes me LOL.

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