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OK talks to Katherine and Josh

Some excerts from the OK Magazine Interview with newly wed Katherine Heigel and her new husband Josh.

The Proposal
Josh, how did you propose?

I found the place where we shot the video [for "Only You"]. It was at a bungalow on Venice Beach [in California]. I convinced the people who own it to let me propose to Katie there! Luckily, the sky was clear, the stars were shining and she said yes!

Best moment of the day
What was the most moving moment of the day?

Katherine: When Brandon Whyde sang as a tribute to my brother [Jason, who passed away in 1986] and Josh's sister who died as a baby. They are two people who should've been there and weren't. We wanted to honor them insome way.

How do you both stay sane in the public eye?

Josh: We remind each other to be humble.

Katherine: There are so many people rooting against you. You see in entertainment magazines how happy they are for you when you get married, and then six months later, they want to see you unhappy. We want to create a safe haven for ourselves in this home and in the tradition of marriageitself.

Do you plan to have children?

Katherine: My mother's been saying lately that there is a family you'reborn into and a family you choose. Josh is the family I am choosing. I'dlike to start talking children seriously in the next year, but Josh feels more like two years, so we'll probably do a year and a half. [laughs] I'm excited about having a big family. I'm talking five or six.

Josh: I love big families and I was raised in a family of six kids, but myview is, "Let's take it one day and one child at a time!"

The dress and rings

Katherine, describe your Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.

It's very fitted and is the silhouette I always tend to do on the red carpet because it suits my particular body shape. It's classic and elegant but also modern.I did a '50s short-hat veil that came to my cheekbones. I am so thrilled.It's so sad you only get to wear it for one day!

How did you choose your rings?

Katherine: Mine is a diamond-and-sapphire eternity band. I designed both with my jeweler Ryan Ryan, who also did the engagement ring and does all my red carpet jewelry. For Josh, since he's a rocker,I wanted him to have a funky band, so it's wide platinum.

Josh: It looks like it's been woven; it twinkles a bit, like it has tiny diamonds. I was kind of nervous about what she would have me wear, but I thought, "This girl's cool; she'll do something cool for me."

No shows
Are there people you're sad couldn't attend the wedding?

Katherine: Some of the [Grey's] cast members like Ellen Pompeo and Christopher, her husband. And Patrick [Dempsey] and [his wife] Jill, Eric[Dane] and [his wife] Rebecca [Gayheart], James Pickens and Sara [Ramirez]. They are all people I love.

The Honeymoon

Are you ready for the honeymoon?

Josh: We just wanted to make sure we would both relax. I didn't bring my big guitar.

Katherine: We're going to Los Cabos, Mexico, and staying at Esperanza Resort. I am ready to sit on a beach and do nothing but read and lay in the sun.

Source: OK Magazine email

Full picture spread in the magazine
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