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Did Ashley Tisdale commit career suicide with nose job?

Vanessa Hudgens' nude photos created a firestorm last year. But could Ashley Tisdale have created more damage for herself with a nose job?

Tisdale said she had surgery to fix a deviated septum in late November. But experts say she has emerged with a new schnoz.

Will you still love her, fans, if she doesn't look like herself?

"High School Musical" fans have repeatedly told me they admire Tisdale's comedy gifts (she has been compared to Lucy), her singing, her dancing, her beauty.

Her distinctive beauty, that is. But what is her look without her distinctive nose?

I remember being similarly stunned when Greta Van Susteren opted for plastic surgery when she jumped from CNN to Fox News Channel.

In 2002, I wrote that Van Susteren was "riding her eye lift, which removed bags under her eyes, to increased visibility for her Fox show. ... Who is that woman with the fishy, swollen, set-apart eyes? She had to explain what happened because her appearance was so different. With a shorter haircut and a popeyed expression, she looks ready for a witness protection program."

Six years later, the plastic surgery hardly matters. Fans watch Van Susteren for her insights.

But Tisdale's new look could affect her career.

Back in 2002, I also wrote: "Roseanane used to undergo these bewildering physical transformations during her sitcom's heyday. A nose job turned actress Jennifer Grey into a stranger who bore little resemblance to her 'Dirty Dancing' self. And Joan Rivers has had more chiseling than Mount Rushmore."

Plastic surgery didn't help any of their careers, and I fear it could hurt Tisdale. Why, oh why, Ashley, did you have it done? Maybe they can make another "High School Musical" sequel: The Schnoz of Sharpay.

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