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Welcome To The Captain (New CBS Show)

Welcome to The Captain - Mondays, 8:30pm et/pt
WELCOME TO THE CAPTAIN is a comedy about a wildly eclectic group of people whose lives are intertwined through the place they all call home, a fabled Hollywood apartment building, El Capitan, which they've dubbed "The Captain." Josh (Fran Kranz) is a Hollywood whiz kid whose filmmaking career has hit a wall. Just when Josh is about to move back to New York, his accountant-to-the-stars best friend, Marty (Chris Klein), convinces him to move into his legendary apartment building.

Among the eccentric tenants are Uncle Saul (Emmy Award nominee Jeffrey Tambor), a former "Three's Company" writer who is the building's self-proclaimed expert on anything and everything; Charlene (Golden Globe Award winner Raquel Welch), the femme fatale who welcomes Josh in her own seductive style; Jesus (Al Madrigal), a gossipy doorman who knows all the residents' most tantalizing secrets and Astrid (Valerie Azlynn), a flighty, aspiring young actress. Josh is most taken with the earthy, beautiful Hope, (Joanna Garcia), an aspiring acupuncturist who enlists him as a practice patient.

The folklore of this fabled apartment building always continues to grow and, as each dweller quickly learns, the walls never stop talking.

Chris Klein as Marty Tanner
Fran Kranz as Josh Flug
Jeffrey Tambor as Uncle Saul
Joanna Garcia as Hope
Raquel Welsh as Charlene Van Ness
Valerie Azlynn as Astrid
Al Madrigal as Jesus 

Here the first promo

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