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New Year, New You Part 3: Kate Moss... Serial Bad Boy Dater

Kate MossEveryone has their problems - even celebrities! Life has been tricky for many A-listers and it is all too easy to relate to many of their issues. So we enlisted the help of a panel of experts to give their opinions on the stars' problems and give their advice on how you can get your life back on track if you find yourself in a similar situation... In Part 3 we'll take a look at Kate Moss

Although Kate Moss' most well known relationship will always be the time she spent with junkie rocker Pete Doherty, she has a string of failed relationships behind her - many with high profile bad boys. Kate famously dated Johnny Depp long before the actor cleaned up his act and settled down to raise a family with French singer Vanessa Paradis. The couple's stormy relationship was well documented in the press and reached a peak in September 2004 when it was reported that Depp trashed a hotel room in New York during an explosive argument with the supermodel. The pair finally split in 1997.

But 33-year-old Kate courted controversy again when she started spending time with Babyshambles frontman Doherty. She subsequently found herself at the center of a major drugs scandal in September 2005 when she was pictured snorting lines of cocaine during one of the band's recording sessions.

The affair led to Kate losing several large modeling contracts and her association with Doherty was blamed for her wayward behavior. The affair ended in heartbreak earlier this year after the singer allegedly cheated on her with a girl he met in a nightclub.

Kate has since been linked to British TV host - and former drug addict - Russell Brand, and she is currently dating The Kills rocker Jamie Hince, proving that Kate's destructive pattern is going to be hard to break.


Kate Moss


Expert Opinion: Kate Taylor, Relationship Expert for dating website "Wild woman Kate is addicted to the thrill of the chase. She loves bad boys because they offer her unpredictability, and she mistakes all this drama for passion. Plus, we mustn't forget that Kate has been safely nestled in a modeling agency since she was 14. She will have been given advice and support on every area of her life. In many ways, this is very similar to women who have experienced strict upbringings - it is often these women who look for 'dangerous' men who won't tell them what to do.

If you often find yourself attracted to men who are no good for you because they are exciting, you often find you dump the ones who are too mundane. You need to readjust your priorities.

You may also have a fear of commitment so you opt for relationships you know will never work, or deliberately sabotage them. Try channeling your energies into something creative - by exploring other passions besides men it will stop you seeking drama and instability in your love life."


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