ginger carpet ride (celtic_thistle) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
ginger carpet ride

Heather Mills continues to blow money

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Heather Mills owes millions of dollars in legal fees to her old lawyers, but that didn't stop her one-legged ass from throwing a major New Year's Eve party. She reportedly dropped $60,000 on her party. She spent almost $30,000 on fireworks alone. Didn't her fireworks once kill a neighbor's dog. She never learns! Her expensive fireworks show ended with "Happy New Year, Love Heather" lighting up the sky. The fireworks company should've punk'd her ass and used the message "Happy New Year, Love Cunt Heather."

She also spent thousands of dollars on individual remote controls for her guests to open the front gates, because she didn't want to keep opening it. Um...hire someone?

This may be the last party in Heather's house. Because of her huge legal bills she may have to sell her beloved mansion.

A source said, "Heather is telling friends that relations have broken down so badly between her and her lawyers she will have to sell her new house to pay the debt. This Christmas she's been facing up to losing her home. It's a shame as she and Bea have just started to settle there."

Sucks for Heather. Seriously, this bitch really annoys me.

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