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why is he so amazing?



10.Are you ever going to guest-star on The Office, USA?Earl Ellingson, Vancouver
I resisted that for a very good reason. I thought it would look a bit in-jokey or desperate. But now I think it's a safe environment to pop up in. Maybe they could watch an episode of Extras, and Michael Scott could go, "This guy is not very good. I hear they're doing an American remake."

9. Why did you end The Office after only two short seasons? Rodney Rice Jr., Belleville, Ill.
We didn't want to run out of ideas. Many people make more money on the third and fourth seasons. But we never did it for that. We had a finite story to tell. Also, it became a franchise anyway. The American one is carrying on. Steve Carell [who stars as Michael Scott], just keep working. We need syndication.

8. Who would fire whom? David Brent or Michael Scott?Tom Hale, New York City
Michael Scott would fire Brent. The English Office [is full of] bigger losers. Not too many good things can happen to the English lot. Americans are brought up to believe they can become the next President of the United States. British people are told, "It won't happen to you."

7. You manage to get such interesting guests playing themselves on Extras. Has anyone turned you down? Lou Zervakos, Santa Fe, N.M.
No one turned us down. With De Niro—we worked on a film called Stardust—I sidled up to him and went, "I think you're the best actor in the whole world." I thought that's the last I'll ever hear from him. Then a few days later the phone goes off. "Hi, it's Bob." And I went, "I thought I told you never to call me." Luckily, he laughed.

6. Have you ever been asked to host SNL, and would you do it? Mark James, Austin, Texas
Yes, and I couldn't do it. But if I ever wanted a proper job back, I'd love to come on the show. On the street this guy once said, "I'm a producer on Sesame Street. Would you like to come on?" That's a cool thing to do, isn't it? As long as I'm not sat in a dustbin. [And] I don't want to sing a song about the letter C—although, I just thought of one.

5. What do you think of Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm?Tom Mcilroy, Melbourne
Brilliant. I don't know where he gets his ideas from. He says, "When I think of something, I write it down." He must constantly be walking down the street thinking, "That's a sketch. That's a sketch." He's great. I hate him.

4.Your [British television] interview with Garry Shandling was notoriously awkward. Were you disappointed with it?Paul Gaughan Sheffield, England
No, I loved it. I didn't find it awkward, except when I pointed out that he looked a bit like Bingo from [the children's show] The Banana Splits. He didn't know who that was.

3. Do you ever worry that your ironic use of sexism and racism will be construed as real? Kevin Ilettnottingham, England
I don't want to get the wrong laugh. But I think it's quite obvious that it's ironic. I'm not one of those comedians that think comedy is your conscience taking a day off. My conscience never takes a day off. I can justify every joke.

2. What's the worst thing about being the funniest man on Earth? Dave Collins, Melbourne
Dave, The worst thing is that very few people on that planet agree with you. People say to me, "Everyone loves The Office." Well, no, they don't. More people hate The Office than like it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some people don't find me beautiful.

1. Do you think you've reached the peak of your career? Luke Montgomery Brisbane, Australia
I hope not. And I don't even know if this will be my career in 10 years. I might become a fighter. A heavyweight. All I've made is the weight.

I love this man.:

and "Extras" FTW

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