Stars pick their '07 faves


''One of my favorite things this year was the Bright Eyes' record Cassadaga. There is just something so pure and honest about [Bright Eyes' frontman Conor Oberst] and his music.''


''The show I'm really into is I Love New York. [Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. New York]'s like the weirdest person I've ever seen. But it's really entertaining because she's so nuts.''


''I haven't been able to turn off Kanye West's album Graduation. It's my workout CD.''


''NBA 2K — the greatest basketball game of all time, and I'm the greatest at it, out of anybody. I'm pretty much the best player that's ever lived at this game.''


''The Kite Runner. Wonderful movie, and the two boys in the film give the most spectacular performances. Of course, I'm a little biased — the director, Marc Forster, is directing the next Bond movie.''


''Every year what always wins out for me is America's Most Wanted. It is my favorite show. They have caught something like 1,400 fugitives in the history of the show. I met [the host] John Walsh, and have a lot of respect for him. I think it is the best example of how important TV can be. Plus it is just fascinating to see how they find and catch these guys.''


''I'll tell you my favorite kid's book. That's easy. Leonardo the Terrible Monster. Written by — and this is how it is on the book cover — 'your pal Mo Willems.' The part I love best is when something scares 'the tuna salad out of him.' My daughter Hazel and I have read it so many times, we use that line all the time.''


''I think it is every American's duty to watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on a nightly basis. Twice if you can.''


''I really enjoyed Freedom Writers. It was a bit corny at the beginning, but by the time it was over, I said, 'I don't care if it's corny or not, I love this.''


''I like the new Alicia Keys album [As I Am]. The single is hot for real. You always have to wait two or three years for a new Alicia album. She takes her time, but that usually means perfection when it finally drops. She has so much soul and power and talent, and she is sexy as hell.''


''I have read a ton of books this year. Harry Potter was awesome but it was so bittersweet. I was so excited to get a new Harry Potter book but I didn't want to finish it because I knew it was the end.''


''You know who I've been obsessed with? Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. There hasn't been a man that hot since Brad Pitt took his shirt off in Thelma and Louise. I just can't get enough of that DVD. I'd listen to my two girlfriends talk about him and I was like, whatever, but then I saw it and called both of them and was like, I get it.''

ZACHARY LEVI (''Chuck'')

''Halo 3. I got it the day it came out, and I really liked it. For me, like Halo 1 was the epitome of everything I'd loved. If it had gone online, it would've been the perfect game. But it was before online gaming, blah blah blah. I sound like such a nerd.''


''The Bourne Ultimatum was a fun popcorn action film. Matt Damon is easy to watch although I feel disloyal picking that since he robbed Patrick [Dempsey] of his rightful title as Sexiest Man Alive this year.''


''Probably the iPhone. I was obsessed with it, not so much anymore, but I was. I love Mac computers so when I heard there was a cell phone that was part of the Mac family I was like, OMG, and it's got the touch screen, the Wi-Fi, it is addictive and it's the best cell phone I've ever had.''


''I really liked Brad Paisley's new album [5th Gear]. He is such a well-rounded entertainer. He can pull off anything — funny songs, sad songs, sappy romantic songs. He loves collaborating with people and he is a great guy. And he has such a good voice and a stage presence that is just so likable.''


''I quite enjoyed On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. One of the principal reasons I liked it is that it's very short, [but still] packs a lot of emotion and drama. It's a novella, which is just the right length when you have demanding babies at home. It is very delicately written. [McEwan] has a fantastic voice.''


''Friday Night Lights. I am a huge fan of that show. I came to it late and watched the first season on DVD and now I am hooked. The acting and the writing is superb. I am a big huge fan of Kyle [Chandler]'s. He's a great guy. I worked with him on Grey's and he is so mellow and funny compared to the put-upon stressed-out coach that he plays on the show.''


''John Mayer's Continuum has not come out of my CD player since I got it. Same with Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. They're all on full rotation continuously.''


''Flight of the Conchords. We got really into it while on tour. I just love the fact that there's pop-culture humor going on, scraping somewhere close to They Might Be Giants. Smart music humor is fun. I laugh at everything on that show. Between that and the Bionic Woman. I love that she's a brunette.''


''Ugly Betty is my guilty pleasure. I love it. It's a great show. I'll confess I've [teared up] at points. It's really fun and it's in such short segments that I can watch it while I'm on tour.''


''Madden NFL 08. My thumbs literally started to hurt I was playing it so much. I had to take a break from it.''


''The Into The Wild soundtrack. I'm a huge Eddie Vedder fan and I cried all the way through the movie. It was the most amazing movie. The music grabbed me from the first moment I heard it. I am listening to that soundtrack so much that it is almost ridiculous at this point.''


''Guitar Hero has been an obsession. I find that, like the South Park episode that made fun of it, I've been much more interested in mastering the buttons rather than figuring out how to play the actual instrument.''


''I'm a big Fergie fan. I love ''Clumsy'' and ''Big Girls Don't Cry.'' You can put it in the car, jam with your girlfriends, sing and dance. It's just a fun album and she's an amazing performer.''