Mariah Carey Is The New Mother Theresa

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Every year at this time the Aspen Skiing Co. (Skico) wages an effort to convince customers there is no need to fear a condition best described as Preparation X. The Skico delays the majority of advance X Games work until after the holiday rush.

There may be confusion that the beginners' area called Panda Peak is affected by X Games work. A portion of the area was off limits to the public. Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle said a private company held a Christmas party at Bumps recently and rented part of Panda Peak for tubing. The tubing area was left intact because Mariah Carey was bringing in some underprivileged children from Denver for a party last Friday.

Skico officials felt it was worth using part of Panda Peak for a charitable cause. "It's not a big Hollywood party," Hanle said. The Winter X Games 12 will be held Jan. 24-27.

On December 21, member duffbfly posted the following message on's message board:

"Today, Mariah is picking up children from a Social Services building in Denver and is taking them to Aspen to spend the day with her snowboarding. She is going to be purchasing them all the necessary snowboarding gear, buying them dinner, and who knows what else is in store for them for the day.

A bus is picking them up at 9:30 a.m. and will be returning them around midnight. They get to spend the whole day with her!"


srsly how amazing is this biracial butterfly
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