The Real World: Hollywood

Remember when the Real World let the viewers choose the cast? Well this season is in Hollywood and they're all actors.

Yes, it's a good idea to put a bunch of actors in front of cameras 24/7

Brianna, 20

Kimberly, 25 (you too old for this shit, bb)

Sarah, 21

William, 25 (if you haven't made it by now, TRW won't help)

Greg, 20

David, 22

Joey, 24

Then Greg and Joey leave and get replaced:

Photobucket Photobucket
Nick and Brittni, 23 and 22 respectively

So what do you guys think? I guess since everyone's generic and cheesy in Hollywood race didn't really matter? Lord knows no Real World season yet had quite so many non-whites.

(Aside from that I think most of them are pretty fucking good looking, except for the one who looks like a fat girl and the one with the mohawk... and even he could turn out to be hot w/o the glasses)

Nick looks gay though... I'm always suspicious of guys with manicured eyebrows.