Gubler used to be cute.

For the "Who?" people: Matthew Gray Gubler.

The guy featured in this post:

Wearing a wig as our school "mascot" (performing arts school, we had no sports):

When Seventeen Magazine came to our school to do their photo spread thing they do:

In high school, Matt was very affable and always the class clown.  He was popular with the girls (and boys) because he was so good natured, an obvious talent, and genuinely humble and therefore cute.  Unfortunately, since he jumped hardcore into the modeling industry after high school to get his foot in the door with acting, I feel it has warped him and who he originally was.  He was a healthy, funny, bouncy kind of a guy.  Now he always looks starved and has a touch of pretentiousness in his voice.  Ah well.  I wish him the best, our classmates have a habit of turning out to be fantastically successful.  Go LVA!

Source: Me and my yearbooks.