Kat Von D tattoos for a good cause or whatever


On a typically late Friday night, Kat Von D attempts to go where tattoo artist has gone before — to ink the most people in a 24 hour period!

A line of people queued around the block last night hoping to get tattooed by the LA Ink resident hottie. Numbers where limited to a first come first serve basis with a 400 person limit. Many where turned away disapointed as the diehard had been waiting since 5 pm the day before.

Kat was required to follow the Guiness Book guidelines and was restricted to only one tattoo design which was an elaborate ‘LA’ tattoo and cost each person $20. The proceeds of all the tattoos and merchandise sales were being donated to ‘Vitamin Angels’ a charity helping prevent blindness in children in Africa.


If I were still in California, I probably would have gone to this. WEST COAST LOVE~

YES she set the record!


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