Heidi Klum, Seal and kids go see santa, plus cute interview

Heidi Klum and hunky husband Seal take their kids Leni (carried by Seal), Henry (hidden in the family nanny’s stroller) and Johan (carried by Heidi) to have their photos taken with Santa in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The family received the celebrity treatment and skipped to the front of the line to visit Father Christmas in his workshop.

Leni is 3 1/2, Henry is 2 and Johan turned one-year-old earlier this week!

aw love this family! so cute!


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 12, 2007) – We’re just three days away from the Spice Girls’ big appearance at the Victoria’s Secret runway show, and we kick off Victoria’s Secret Week with a rare interview with supermodel Heidi Klum and husband Seal.

For years, Heidi has been a Victoria’s Secret staple, but we dug up some rare footage of an unknown Heidi, walking the runway to a familiar tune – “Crazy” by Seal.

In 1992, an 18-year-old Heidi walked the runway to her future husband Seal’s song, “Crazy.”

Fifteen years later, Heidi and Seal are married with three children and hitting the streets for a commercial for the VW Tiguan, but the road took some twists when they grabbed Access Hollywood’s notes and interviewed each other.

Heidi: How many more children do you want to have?

Seal: You guys are so cheeky.

Heidi: I’m totally making this up, I’m not reading any of those questions. I’m just asking the questions that I really want to know.

Seal: How many more children do you want to have?

Heidi: How many more children do you want to have?

Seal: How many are you prepared to give me?

Heidi: Good answer. Lots.

Seal: Lots? Then let’s go.

Heidi: Now?

Seal: Yeah, right now.

Heidi: Should we go in my trailer? (laughs)

Seal: In our relationship who has to be right?

Heidi: Well . . . (points to herself)

Heidi: Do you want to know how much I love you?

Seal: Yes.

Heidi: I love you soooo much!

Seal: What drives you crazy about me?

Heidi: What drives me crazy about you? Everything . . . I want to be driven crazy 24/7. Day and night.

Seal: Are you sure it’s not my white thongs that I bought the other day, my banana hammock?

Heidi: Banana hammock! (Seal laughs) You look good in a white banana hammock.

Seal: There you go.