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TV Week (Australia) interview with Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia

TV Week (Australia) has just published an interview with Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia in their Nov 17-23, 2007 edition.

HEROES BOND: Heroes stars Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar talk to TV WEEK about flying, fatherhood and friendship

Last season ended with your characters Peter and Nathan Petrelli seemingly exploding in the sky. Did you both know you were definitely coming back?
Milo: Well, there were conversations to make us feel more at ease. All I know was that my character Peter was going up in the air and there was an explosion. Beyond that I didn't get a phone call from (series creator) Tim Kring saying, "Hey, we should have a talk", so...
Adrian: Everybody dreads that phone call! Every time Tim calls you and says "Hi, how you are doing?", it never ends well.
Milo: But I think people wanted to know that the Petrellis were OK and, now that they know that they're all right, when are they coming back together?
Adrian: It takes until episode 8 for us to get back together. We have to wait quite a while but its worth it.

Did you two click as soon as you met?
Adrian: Yeah, but we met a long time ago. We nearly did a show in which I was going to play his father!
Milo: And when he walked out of the room after the audition, the producer said to me, "He's really good, but he's much to young to play your father. You have to play brothers", and oddly enough, about eight years later, here we are.

So you remember each other from then?
Milo: Yeah, but even going back to when I was 18, I had this box of memories from high school at my parents' house, and when I was 28, when we started Heroes the box was handed to me. At the end of going through everything, I played this video tape and the first face that popped up was Adrian's! I'm looking at it going, "You have to be kidding me." It was something that I recorded when I was 17 or 18 that I never watched, and I didn't see it until I was 28 when we were just starting to work together.

Do you have brothers and sisters in real life?
Adrian: We both have sisters, but if I were to choose a brother it would be him.
Milo: I feel the same. We see each other outside the show all the time.
Adrian: We're both sides of the same coin and it's played out much the same way personally as it has professionally. We complement each other in many ways, both on screen and off screen. I know I'm better when I'm working with him, and I feel better as a human being, outside of work, when we're together.

Adrian, are your kids still impressed that daddy is a Hero?
Adrian: Well, I've had to wear a lot of prosthetic make up lately for burn effects. I didn't take it off one day and I let the kids peel it off me to show that it was fake - that I wasn't burned. The know its pretend. The know that Daddy doesn't really fly.
Milo: Yeah, Daddy and Uncle Milo. Uncle Daddy. They call me Uncle Daddy.
Adrian: They've got lost of uncles! My children absolutely adore Milo. Whether or not they think I'm a hero will be for them to decide in 50 years. But they're good kids. My son has a Heroes lunch box. He's the only kid in school with Daddy flying on the side of a lunch box. He loves that.

Are the flying scenes uncomfortable to film?
Milo: We have better harnesses this year actually.
Adrian: We contributed to the design of the harness this year. It's a big rig underneath our clothes. It's a very cumbersome object that you have to Velcro and buckle into. But it's a dream come true. I had my children visit, and they just loved it. They loved seeing the two of us up there, and we were holing each other three storeys above the ground. We were literally hugging because we had to. I never thought I'd be suspended three storeys in the air holding another man but if I had to choose a scenario, it would be him.
Milo: Better me then Greg Grunberg. Of course, you could have prefered Sendhil too, so thank you. I appreciate that.

Love the brothers. The whole interview reminds me of this video again:

You can also read the whole interview from the source:


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