Ali Larter Nip Slip

Ali Larter gave the paparazzi a glimpse at her nipple when her blouse came open outside the Green Room in Hollywood last night. How do you wear an outfit like that and not expect to show a little nip? I mean, bless her for doing so. I admire a woman who says, “Yes, this open blouse will definitely cover up my bra-less chest.” I, too, enjoy defying the laws of physics by squeezing my wrought-iron pecs into a Baby Gap tee every night. Sure, before I reach the club it’s nothing but tatters. That just saves the ladies a whole lot of work. Except when I’m not allowed in because my sexiness is a fire hazard. Stupid fire codes, why must you discriminate? I can’t help it. I’m the way God, a couple of plastic surgeons, and some meteors that landed in my pool made me!

Poor Ali