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Nicola Roberts's Lily Allen Comeback

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When Lily Allen called Nicola Roberts ugly...Nic's Girls Aloud bandmates rushed to her defence. But Nic herself is keeping schtum on the subject.

When asked why she was being so restrained on the Lily versus Girls Aloud feud, the 22-year-old told Metro: "Sometimes it's not worth it. You just have to think, it's silly and pathetic and I'm not going to rise to it.

"But when someone says something so nasty and uncalled for (as Lily calling Nic ugly) then you really want to jump in.

"I really wanted to say something back but decided she (Lily) wasn't worth it."

Big up the measured attitude, Nic...

The Girls Aloud lass also dished the dirt on her (numerous) phobias - including flying, water, people in her wardrobe, and the catsuits the girls had to wear for their Sexy! No No No video shoot.

"We had to put lubricant all over our bodies and it felt like we were swimming around in the suit, it was disgusting," said Nic.

She added: "I just panic about things. I've got a very wild, over-active imagination."
Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, 22, is 'the best pop star in Britain', says Heat magazine's Mark Frith. Famed for her ginger locks, she's one-fifth of Britain's premier pop group whose hits include The Show and Sexy! No No No. She gives out fashion advice in new DVD Style, out today. New album Tangled Up is released next Monday, with single Call The Shots out a week later.

On the dVd, you advise people not to buy jeans without pockets on the bum. why’s that?
Because they make your bum look long, flat and awful. It takes a long time to find a pair of jeans that fit you properly, especially for us, when we have to wear them on stage. We once found some perfect jeans but they didn’t have pockets on. They looked ugly as sin from the back so I made the stylist sew pockets on them. The jeans looked so much nicer. It makes all the difference. If a woman wants shape to her bum she needs pockets on her jeans. Style is so individual but if it’s such a drastic thing as people wearing ugly jeans, it’s nice to be able to advise them on what to do.

what’s the worst thing you’ve had to wear since you’ve been in Girls Aloud?
The silver outfits we wore for No Good Advice made us look like we’d been beamed down from space. I hated the Jump outfits too. They were basketball-themed thing with these horrible boots.

what about the PVC catsuits?
People took those pictures the wrong way. They were for the Sexy! No No No video and were supposed to be a blank canvas which would contrast with these huge red dresses we were wearing. The catsuits were awful to put on. We had to put lubricant all over our bodies and it felt like we were swimming around in the suit, it was disgusting. It worked on the video though.

Have any of the outfits been so good you’ve kept them afterwards?
The videos are seen so much you can’t wear the outfits later. People say: ‘That’s what she wore in the video.’ It’s a bit skanky. We keep our costumes as memorabilia though, so when we get older we can show our kids, just for nostalgia.

You kept a dignified silence during the feud between Girls Aloud and lily Allen, why?
Because I know what can happen when you open your mouth. Sometimes it’s not worth it. You just have to think it’s silly and pathetic and I’m not going to rise to it. But when someone says something so nasty and uncalled for [Lily called Nicola ugly] then you really want to jump in. I was really tempted to say something back but decided she wasn’t worth it. It would have just kept the story going.

If you took over the world what changes would you make?
I’d sack Gordon Brown to start with. He needs a good old shake-up. We need someone else to take lead of the country and sort it out because it’s a bit of a mess. We need more laws. People are running around and shooting people and getting away with it and that needs to stop.

What's the most ridiculous promotional thing you've done?
We were on a hidden camera thing for Ant and Dec. We used to do four TV performances a day so by the end we'd roll up, get hair and make-up and go on without thinking about it. We went to one place and was told by our TV person that it was for the God Channel. She said if we did it we'd get the Lottery for some reason. We totally bought in and we went into the studio and there were 70 nuns there. We were stunned. We couldn't believe we were expected to perform this song to an audience full of nuns. After 10 minutes though we realised it was Ant and Dec but it was terrifying at first. We were begging not to do it.

Did Geri give you any helpful advice when you were all on Popstars: The Rivals?
Not really. She said don't believe what you read in the papers and have fun but that was about it. No one said 'this is the way it is'. We had to learn by ourselves. We made mistakes but don't regret anything, it all worked out for us.

What's your favourite Girls Aloud song?
I really love Sexy! No No No and Call the Shots because it's new. It's fresh to sing and a bit more of a challenge. When you've done the same routine for five years it's nice to do new things. Songs like Sound of the Underground are second nature so you don't have to think about them.

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