'Desperate Housewives' bad seed Shawn Pyfrom stops by EW

Desperate Housewives star Shawn Pyfrom, who plays lovably hateful Andrew Van De Kamp, stopped by the EW offices this afternoon for a quick chat. Along the way, the naughty lad dropped some mild spoilers about what will happen to his character this season.

Despite complaining about being gouged in cab fare on his way to our midtown location, Pyfrom still brought in some of the West coast's sunshine with him. Wearing a black John Lennon t-shirt and a beaded necklace, he smiled about all the recognition he's received just in New York. "A couple stopped in the street and just kept on staring at me," he shared, "and then, when they realized who I was, they just kept on screaming."

The 21-year old star also spoke of some of the warmer reactions to his character. Regarding Andrew's open homosexuality, Pyfrom commented on receiving letters from fans struggling with their sexuality — in particular, a two-page letter from a boy in Ohio, who had yet to come out to anyone around him, thanking him for bringing this personal issue to light. Though he admitted the scene where he had to get naked in a pool and make out with another boy was taxing, Pyfrom (who says he is straight) said that any difficulty he had was minor in comparison to the awareness it produced, especially considering the lack of young gay characters on television. And Pyfrom also noted Andrew's personality was about more than his sexual orientation. "He's narcissistic, vain, and then gay. I like how it doesn't define him."

So what's going on down on Wisteria Lane this season? After some pressuring, Pyfrom hinted at an upcoming story arc: (Spoiler alert!) "Andrew moves out" and an explanation to his character's sudden change in heart. Beyond that, Pyfrom played it close to the vest.

In the meantime, Pyfrom hopes for a resolution on an imminent Writers Guild strike ("I could go on vacation, though"), enjoys watching The Comeback on DVD ("Lisa Kudrow makes her humility so entertaining"), and reads David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish, a book that the young actor says inpired him to write his own script. No doubt Bree would proud that her boy is applying himself.