Top 10 StripTease Scenes on Film

Everyone loves a good striptease in movies. After all, it’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing stars that we fancy act like they’re shedding their clothes for us. Countless movies carry dozens of stripteases, but IMHO, the movies listed below have some of the best striptease scenes ever. Shame we can’t put a $100 dollar bill in their thongs to show our appreciation.

10. Exotica - Mia Kirshner

Didn’t actually see this film, but judging by this clip of the beautiful Mia Kirshner in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, I’d probably be running off to the nearest video rental shop before the day ends.

9. Mean Girls - Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried

Not exactly a striptease in the manner of the other clips in this list, but there’s something about full-figured teenage girls in skimpy Santa costumes performing stripper-like moves that make people sit up and take notice. I know I did.

8. Sin City - Jessica Alba

As with everything Jessica does, there’s not much skin here, but who needs flesh when you’ve got her in tight, cutoff cowboy pants swinging a lasso and grinding the hell out of those hips?

7. Femme Fatale - Rebecca Romijn

Jerry O’ Connell is one lucky bastard marrying this woman in July. Sure, he married her a few pounds heavier than she was in this extremely hot clip from "Femme Fatale", but we have yet to hear him complain.

6. Striptease - Demi Moore

Probably the last time we’ll ever see Demi Moore look this good. lol snap

5. Closer - Natalie Portman

Seeing Queen Amidala getting all nasty in these scenes from Closer made everybody wish they were Clive Owen, if only to get a whiff of one of the prettiest and brightest stars of her generation.

4. The Girl Next Door - Elisha Cuthbert

It’s a short scene, but it gives you an idea what having Elisha Cuthbert in your bed would be like.

3. From Dusk Till Dawn - Salma Hayek

No words can describe the hotness that only a woman of Salma’s proportions could possibly exude. And the music! That song is probably the sexiest song I have ever heard on a motion picture soundtrack, bar none.

2. 9 ½ Weeks - Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger just oozes tremendous sex appeal in everything that she does, and this amazing striptease sequence from 9 ½ Weeks is no exception, the presence of Mickey Rourke notwithstanding.

1. True Lies - Jamie Lee Curtis

This sequence will always be tops on my list. I couldn’t think of any actress who could pull this scene off as sexily and comically as Jamie Lee Curtis does. And can you believe that body of hers?

There are some I'd change, but for the most part I agree with this list