X17 Exclusive: Bobby Brown's Death Bed

Apparently Bobby Brown had surgery or something after his heart attack and decided to tape what he thought might be his last words. He lived, and X17 now has the video tape.

More pics, video, and transcripts after the cut.

Right before he went in, Bobby Brown delivered a heartfelt statement to his family, friends, former collaborators, and "whomever it may concern". He seems genuinely frightened by his looming surgery - at one point, he even tells his kids what to do "if daddy ain't coming home tomorrow"!

We've prepared a transcript of Bobby's words:

"This is…uh, Bobby Brown…ah, I’m about to go under the knife. So, uh, whatever happens – I know, uh, nothing’s guaranteed, so – um, I want to tell my kids I love you. Sisters, my mother, my father, I love y’all dearly. Um…to whomever it may concern, um, this ain’t about nothing else, y’know, um, uh, had a heart attack, y’know and um,..Y’know this is, this is really messed up, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, so, um…Just know I love you all, y’know, and um…Take care yourselves, I love you. All my boys, New Edition, uh, peace, man."

"Um…My little girls, y’all know what to do with life, y’know, if daddy ain’t coming home tomorrow, y’know. But hopefully I’ll be there soon. Um…y’all just take care of each other, ai’ght? Peace."

Following his sincere missive to his friends, family, and, um, New Edition, Bobby Brown turned his attention to his secrets! The stricken star covered all his bases, from his love for girlfriend Alicia to the extent to which drugs contributed to his condition ("Drugs had nothing to do with this...I've been clean for two and a half years, so don't worry about it!").

His strongest statement, however, may have been reserved for his ex-wife Whitney Houston.

Second Clip:

Interviewer: “Any secrets you wanna tell?”
Bobby: “Yeah, man…Um…I’m in love with you, Alicia. Uh…Whitney (holds up middle finger). (Laughs.)

Bobby: No, uhh. Nah, no secrets. Um…mmm. Shit. And drugs had nothing to do with it, I’ve been clean for two and a half years, so don’t worry about it. I still drink a little alcohol every now and then, though. That’s basically it. And, man, make sure my babies get this, man. (Unintelligible).”

Bobby lies back, groaning, rubbing his head, then startles when he sees the camera.

Bobby:“Yo! What the fuck’s that?”

Man: “What’s up, man?”

Bobby: “Yo, man…Nurse!”

You can see the two clips here and here.