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Rock's Hardest Partiers

  • 21: Poison

    Fueled by booze, strippers and mascara, Poison's escapades made them legit rock 'n' roll bad boys, even though they looked like bad girls. But every rose has its thorn: It all unraveled at the 1991 MTV VMAs, when lead singer Bret Michaels and guitarist C.C. DeVille ended up in a drug-induced fistfight. These days Poison trolls the rock-reunion circuit while Michaels pimps himself out on VH1

  • 20: Van Halen

    David Lee Roth once said, "I used to have a drug problem, now I make enough money." Unfortunately, it's really easy to stop making money. Just ask everyone in Van Halen, including Dave himself, who in 1996 got busted buying pot in a New York City park in his pajamas. Meanwhile, three lead singers later, guitar god Eddie Van Halen entered rehab for undisclosed reasons at the ripe old age of 52. So much for aging gracefully.

  • 19: Janis Joplin

    Janis was one of the first female rock stars, but she partied like one of the guys. Actually, she partied like four of the guys, drinking Southern Comfort by the bottle and chasing it with heroin. Pearl, as friends called her, died from an overdose in 1970 at the age of 27. Unlike most rockers, Joplin knew she wouldn't live forever. In her will she had $2,500 allocated for her own wake, and the invitations read, "The drinks are on Pearl." Now that's class.

  • 18: Scott Weiland

    The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer has had so many drug-related run-ins with the law, they could name a wing of the L.A. County courthouse in his honor. Although Weiland, whose heroin addiction nearly destroyed his career, has been clean for over three years, he just can't seem to stop brawling with his better half. His wife, Mary Forsberg, was arrested after she set fire to his entire $10,000 wardrobe a mere three hours after the couple left a Burbank hotel room in shambles.

  • 17: Stevie Nicks

    Every member of Fleetwood Mac spent the '70s high as a kite. The band even thanked their coke dealer on the 'Rumours' sleeve. But there's another rumor that's almost as famous: Stevie's nose ended up so damaged that she had to enlist a roadie's help to blow drugs into a less-accessible orifice. She denies the story, but owns up to the fact that nowadays she could "put a big gold ring" through her septum. Two decades of Bolivian marching powder and tranquilizers nearly derailed her career, but today she's clean and sober.

  • 16: Waylon Jennings

    An originator of "outlaw music," Jennings was the craziest of the rebellious, longhaired country singers who went against the Nashville establishment in the early '70s. By that time he had already been roommates with notorious pill-popper Johnny Cash, and his hard-partying ways only intensified with time. Soon, Jennings had traded pills for a $1,500-a-day cocaine habit, which he finally kicked in 1984. "I did more drugs than anybody you ever saw in your life," he said. Miraculously, he lived until 2002, when he died in his sleep at 64.

  • 15:Iggy Pop

    When young James Osterberg was voted "most likely to succeed," no one could have guessed he would succeed as Iggy Pop, rock's most dangerous man. From covering himself in peanut butter and broken glass onstage to stealing cocaine from lab monkeys, Iggy is a pagan god of self-mutilation, a man whose continued survival is nothing short of miraculous. 'Lust for Life' is even a tongue-in-cheek tale of his longtime addiction to heroin. Seems no one told Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines!

  • 14: Britney Spears

    Ah, the life of a superstar: barefoot bathroom breaks, Cheetos benders, panty malfunctions, club-hopping, head-shaving, revolving-door rehab and random drug tests. These days Brit's entire life can be summarized by the phrase "Oops, I did it again." What happened to the Britney who brought inappropriate sexual content to elementary schools and gave the world 'Crossroads'? When did it all go wrong? Whatever turned America's sweetheart into Uncle Fester, we just want our Britney back!

  • 13Whitney & Bobby

    Every time these two make headlines, they prove what Whitney has known all along: "Crack is wack!" The star-crossed pair divorced after a staggering 14 years of career missteps, trashed hotel rooms, drunken tirades and nationally televised parental neglect. Despite having well over 20 top-10 singles between them, today R&B's not-so-royal couple makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. When he isn't exercising his prerogative to drive drunk, Bobby claims he's living in his car. Whitney is supposedly releasing a new, Clive Davis-helmed album in '08.

  • 12: Amy Winehouse

    They tried to make her go to rehab, she said, "No, yes, maybe ... On second thought, no." Mere months after storming the charts with her signature hit 'Rehab,' Winehouse found herself checking in (and out) of the real thing. In a troubling case of life imitating art, the hard-drinking soul singer, who ventured into the scary world of cocaine, crack, ketamine and heroin, cancelled a major U.S. tour, citing "exhaustion" -- celebrity-speak for "too much, too young."

  • 11: Sid Vicious

    Sid was basically hired to be the world's biggest burnout. His antics generated so much press for the Sex Pistols that no one noticed he was the worst bassist on the planet. All anyone seemed to care about was his headline-grabbing misbehavior: fighting, cursing on TV, cutting himself onstage and consuming mountains of heroin. When Sid awoke one morning to find that he had apparently stabbed his girlfriend to death, the only explanation he could muster was, "I'm a dirty dog." Four months later, while still awaiting trial for the murder of Nancy Spungen, the 21-year-old died of a massive heroin overdose.

  • 10: Rolling Stones

    Founding Stones guitarist Brian Jones became such an LSD-warped liability that the band started unplugging his guitar. He died mysteriously in his swimming pool just three weeks after Mick Jagger and Keith Richards fired him. Richards has become known far and wide as the only life form more resilient than the cockroach. Keith's gargantuan appetite for partying should have killed him 10 times in the '70s alone, and he was such an omnivorous druggie that it was easy to believe his claim that he snorted his father's cremains mixed with cocaine.

  • 09: Ol Dirty Bastard

    With a nose-candy habit that led to multiple drug arrests and a lengthy prison stay, Russell Tyrone Jones (aka Ol' Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus, etc.) single-handedly put the "rap" in "rap sheet." The famously unbalanced Wu Tang court jester also made some sick tracks -- in both senses of the word -- but his music was overshadowed by his bizarre behavior, including a drunken tirade during Shawn Colvin's 1998 Grammy acceptance speech. ODB died of heart failure at a recording studio in 2004 from an OD of cocaine and painkillers.

  • 08: Ozzy

    One thing is certain: "The Prince of Darkness" will never be a PETA spokesman. The scourge of the animal kingdom, Ozzy Osbourne reportedly snorted an entire line of ants while on tour with Motley Crue, and he really did (accidentally) bite the head off a live bat (and doves). Unfortunately, after decades of partying and bizarre, drug-fueled acts of animal cruelty, he has become the world's biggest chemical casualty. The sight of a dazed, incoherent Ozzy shuffling aimlessly around his kitchen should be enough to keep kids off drugs for life.

  • 07: Jim Morrison

    Addled by LSD, booze, depression and bad poetry reviews, the Doors frontman went from svelte sex god to hairy, Jack Daniels-soaked tub of lard in a matter of a few years. Few rockers can keep it in their pants, but Morrison put most to shame with his womanizing. He was even sentenced to hard labor for whipping out "little Jimmy" during a Miami concert. The Lizard King never saw the inside of a cell, though. The 27-year-old met his end in 1971. Rumors suggest he overdosed in a Paris nightclub's toilets and was left for dead in his hotel bathtub.

  • 06: Led Zeppelin

    This quartet of British rock gods forever cemented the blueprint for cliched rock-band excess. On tour they once serviced a groupie with a whole fish (a red snapper, as legend has it) and rode a motorcycle through hotel hallways.Drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham even bought his local pub when they tried to tell him it was closing time. The band split in 1980 after Bonzo drowned in his own vomit. His last meal? A hearty breakfast of four quadruple vodkas and a ham roll.

  • 05: Courtney

    As comfortable in the pages of Vogue as she is flashing dudes at Wendy's, Love redefined the term "classy" for a generation. And what a role model! Booze, pills, heroin and general insanity had her vying for mother-of-the-year honors when Britney was in a training bra. The admitted fame junkie (and just plain junkie) lived through Kurt Cobain's suicide, becoming a star in her own right. Unfortunately, she's mostly famous for being a narcotic nightmare with runny mascara and a standing appointment at the county courthouse.

  • 04: Pete Doherty

    Formerly engaged to coke-hoovering supermodel Kate Moss, the former Libertines and current Babyshambles frontman knows a thing or two about fashion himself: he's never without his trademark porkpie hat and kitten-sized crack pipe. Calculating Pete's total number of drug busts will get you an honorary degree from MIT. Always an inspiration, Doherty has been caught doing drugs on camera more than the entire cast of 'Trainspotting,' including the time he squirted his own blood-filled syringe at an unsuspecting MTV News cameraman.

  • 03: KEith Moon

    Considered rock 'n' roll's most legendary wild man, the unbalanced Who drummer's drunken exploits make Ozzy Osbourne look like an insurance salesman. Whether he was driving around town in a Nazi uniform or sending a Rolls-Royce into a hotel swimming pool (and busting his front teeth in the ensuing chaos), "Moon the Loon" was always full of pills, brandy and devilish mischief. His 1978 death at the age of 32 was the ultimate joke: he accidentally OD'd on a drug that was meant to control his alcoholism.

  • 02: Rick James

    It's a small wonder that the ultimate 'Superfreak' wrote Eddie Murphy's hit single, 'Party All the Time.' That pretty much sums up Rick James' 40 years in the business. While his clubland exploits were immortalized by comedian Dave Chappelle ("I'm Rick James, bitch!"), in real life the funk mastermind snorted and smoked his way into such mind-bending depravity that he became both a cautionary tale and a bachelor party inspiration. By the time he was jailed in 1993 for holding a woman captive, forcing her to do drugs and burning her with a crack pipe because she "just said no" to an orgy, the party was long over.

  • 01: Motley Crue

    Where to begin? At their peak, the Crue were the most wantonly self-destructive bunch of rock 'n' roll hedonists ever to don lipstick and leather. When they ran out of drugs, they injected Jack Daniels. When they ran out of booze, Vince Neil hopped in his car for a liquor run, crashed and killed his passenger, Hanoi Rocks star Razzle. When they ran out of luck, they even died: Nikki Sixx was briefly pronounced dead after a 1987 heroin overdose. No one knows how these four have managed to stay alive. The hair spray fumes alone should have killed them all by now.


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