Blind items from the "entertainment lawyer"

#1 This height challenged male singer of extraordinary pedigree, was eating at a restaurant the other night which is Michelin rated. When he got his food he sent it back twice, but not before letting his guests sample the food and almost finishing the plates before he deemed it awful. He finally just threw his hands in the air and told the waiter he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When the waiter informed the chef, the chef caved and made it, but not before someone went down to the corner and bought some peanut butter. When it came back, our singer returned it because the crusts hadn't been removed. Finally it came back perfect and our singer spent 45 minutes eating one sandwich which was 1 hour after the restaurant closed.

#2 This closeted B+ film actor with the perfect teeth and smile recently hit on another D list actor he thought was gay. Turns out the D list actor wasn't gay and left our B list actor in tears and made the D list actor promise not to tell anyone. Seems he broke his promise huh? I could give you a million clues and you would never come up with the D lister so don't even bother.

#3 This married director with the B list film bombshell to some actress wife has been carrying on an affair with her assistant.

#4 This curvy female singer didn't lose all her recent weight just with diet and exercise, but with a little help from a knife and some pills.

1. Prince
2. ??
3. ??
4. Mariah