Justin Slaps Photog's Camera &Christina's Bodyguard "Smacks" A Fan?

Christina Aguilera left a fan in tears outside the Ivy -- after her bodyguard knocked the girl in the face!

TMZ cameras were at the restaurant on Saturday when Xtina and husbore Jordan Bratman flew out, surrounded by security as they rushed to their car. A Venezuelan fan kept screaming in Spanish for Aguilera's attention, but got no response -- except for a smack in the face by her passing bodyguard!

The girl cried after the incident, telling TMZ, "I'm not crying because of her, I love her ... I'm crying because one of her bodyguards hit me in the mouth." She quickly got over it and was heard shouting, "I love fame" as she ran away.

Source: TMZ

Bitch, I didn't see anybody getting smacked in that video.  And "I love fame"? WTF?

Justin slaps photographer

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