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One Last Britney post for the road!

Spears popped anti-depressants before VMAs
(Thursday September 13, 2007 09:30 AM)

Britney Spears was fed anti-depressant drugs minutes prior to her lacklustre performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday after a heated row with a hair stylist.

The tormented pop star angrily disapproved of the chosen hairstyle for her comeback at the Las Vegas ceremony and flew into "blind panic", according to reports.

A doctor was dispatched to the Palms Casino resort to give the star prescription drugs.

A source tells The Sun, "Britney took enough to floor an elephant. They calmed her down, but were clearly too effective.

"The scene in the dressing room before the show was one of absolute blind panic.

"She knew she hadn't rehearsed enough and was going to mess up the whole show and possibly her career - then she saw her hairdo and it was the final straw.

"She went into a wild rage and started lashing out at everyone - including her stylist." 


It's from The Sun so it should not be taken seriously!
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