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Pam Anderson on the VMA Fight: "I'm staying out of it."

She's been married to both men – but Pamela Anderson isn't choosing sides after exes Kid Rock and Tommy Lee came to blows at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

"I'm staying out of it," Anderson, 40, said on a Wednesday visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"Last time you were here you said they didn't get along," DeGeneres, 49, told Anderson, who answered, "Can ya tell?"

The former Baywatch babe also says she didn't witness the fight. "I actually left," she said. "As soon as I left, meow! They all went after each other."

DeGeneres pointed out that Anderson and Lee seemed awfully close during the awards ceremony, and posited to Anderson, "Clearly you and Tommy are good friends? You have kids together and were sitting on his lap earlier."

Answered Anderson: "He pulled me on his lap and spanked my butt."

"Was that okay or no?" DeGeneres wondered.

"Yeah, that was okay," said Anderson. "What are you going to do? Boys."

Neither Anderson nor DeGeneres could pinpoint the source of the "boys"' feud, though, with tongue in cheek, the show host offered her own theory. "Could have been over me? Could they be fighting over me?" she asked.

Only Anderson sought to play down the feud. Why? As she revealed on the program, she has a new – mystery – man in her life.

"I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love," Anderson told DeGeneres. "It's so romantic. It's romance."

While Anderson would not identify her new beau, she did say he is a professional poker player.

As for future plans, "I'm not really engaged. I don't what I am," Anderson said when pressed for details. "We may never get that far. We're in love. This is nice."


There's a short video at the source. There's no embed option, I can't find it on YouTube, and my three download add-ons won't download it. Sorry. :(

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