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Try to make Owen go to rehab... and Owen said ... no... no... no...

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Owen says NO to Rehab
Friends and family members close to troubled star Owen Wilson are unhappy that the actor is refusing to go back into a residential rehab program, following his hospitalization for a suicide attempt.

Wilson was expected to head to the Promises clinic in Malibu or a similar facility to seek help, but instead, In Touch Weekly reports Wilson is overruling the advice from people like his brother Luke Wilson, supposedly saying he doesn't think that approach will solve his problems.

Instead, the ''Wedding Crashers'' and ''Night at the Museum'' star has reportedly hired a 24-7, $750-per-day ''sober companion'' to keep him on track.

A source close to Luke Wilson told me he is ''understandably very upset'' that Owen seems to be resisting a return to live-in rehab.
''Unless he checks himself into a real rehab clinic, he's not really dealing realistically with his demons,'' said the source.

• Additionally, various reports are also clarifying one aspect of Wilson's suicide attempt. Apparently, he did not slit his wrists, but only took pills in an attempt to do himself in.

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