Leah (aloudallowed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Alexis Stewart's self made Porn

Monday on Whatever Radio with Alexis and Jennifer, Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis revealed that she has three homemade porn videos of herself and a partner on her home computer.

A staffer on the website writes a recap about the show each day. Here's the recap:

"Sheila asked if Alexis got off when she was having text sex. Alexis said that’s what the purpose was. Jennifer said she didn’t get it. Alexis asked if Jennifer understood phone sex. Jennifer said she did and it was different because you heard the person’s voice. Alexis said she couldn’t even remember the voice of the person she had text sex with. Jennifer said that was her point. It wasn’t like it was a porn video… Alexis said that she made porn videos, too. Jennifer said a sex scandal would be so good for their show. Alexis said she wouldn’t care if anyone saw her porn videos because the three that she has made are perfectly attractive. Jennifer said they had to talk about it now because Alexis opened the door.

Jennifer asked why Alexis couldn’t photoshop the dirty videos. Alexis said it was dirty from beginning to end and what would she take out? Jennifer asked where she filmed the videos. Alexis said different places…sometimes hotels. Jennifer asked if he could be holding the camera. Alexis said he could. Alexis said she didn’t really think they needed to talk about it. Jennifer asked if the files were password protected on her computer. Alexis said as much as anything else was. Jennifer asked if Alexis looked at the camera. Alexis said no, that’s creepy. Jennifer asked if Alexis said, “Do it to me harder.” Alexis said something along those lines.

Jennifer asked Chrissy if she made dirty videos. Chrissy said she’d been trying to cut down. Holly said no but she was the kind of person that would not say that on the radio. Paulie played the porn music. Jennifer yelled, “Woah, Holly!” Paulie said he didn’t make porn videos. Jennifer said it takes a lot of self esteem. Alexis said the guy already saw her naked anyway, what was the big deal? Paulie said this was disaster waiting to happen. He was sure Paris never wanted stuff to get out there. Alexis said that it was on her computer, no one else was seeing it but if it got leaked out it would get good publicity for the show. Paulie said Geek Squad might find it. Alexis said there was no Geek Squad in her apartment.

Diana called in to ask what Martha said about all this. Alexis said she was almost 42 and her sex life was none of her mother’s business. Alexis said it wasn’t out of the ordinary to make a porn. Diana said she wouldn’t want her mother to find out. Alexis said her mother had told her things about her sex life that she didn’t need to hear so it was payback time. Jennifer said she wasn’t as comfortable talking about the sex that she had but that didn’t mean she didn’t have sex.

Jennifer asked if Alexis went back to the videos for inspiration. Alexis said no. Jennifer asked what kind of lighting treatment Alexis used. Alexis said it depended on the situation. Alexis said she didn’t look at the camera, she was thinking about what she was doing. Paulie said she was a consummate professional. Jennifer said she was practically a porn star. Paulie played the porn music.

Jennifer asked where Paulie found that music. Paulie said they use it on the Catholic channel. "

Somebody hack her computer and leak this!!! Martha Stewart involved (allbeit indirectly) in a porn scandal would be HILARIOUS! You know somebody in her life has the power to get the videos.


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