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Brawl out boy Pete Wentz & Ashlee's dad deliver hits at club

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Celebrities turned on their protectors Sunday when Ashlee Simpson's dad, Joe, and her rocker boyfriend, Pete Wentz, teamed up to defend the pop songstress against a Vegas bodyguard. The fist-fest erupted as the Simpsons and Wentz were trying to leave the Decaydance/GQ party at the Mirage's Jet nightspot.

Bouncers were willing to let Ashlee, Joe and Pete through — but they blocked the Simpson entourage, which included the Gym Class Heroes MC, Marc DeJesus.

"What are you doing?" yelled Wentz, demanding that his crew be escorted to a waiting SUV. "This is my [bleeping] car! I paid for this [bleeping] car!"

Tempers rose, and, before long, a security guard shoved Wentz, knocking Ashlee against a wall.
We watched as Wentz rushed to her aid. The Fall Out Boy bassist rained punches on the much-taller door sentries. Papa Joe also dove into the chaos.

"When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" Joe told us later, drawing his finger across his throat.
Happily, the sound and fury didn't result in any serious injuries, and the Simpson-Wentz group managed to leave. Outside, Wentz stomped around and spat on the wall of the club. "[Bleep] this place!" he screeched, vowing never to set foot inside again. (A Jet rep had no immediate comment.)

One fan tried to snap a picture of Simpson and Wentz after the melee, prompting Ashlee to lunge for the guy's camera. Wentz quickly grabbed her around the waist. Joe, whose starlet offspring Jessica wasn't present, suggested that the bouncers are "just mad they make $12 an hour." Yeah, let them get multi-millionaire daughters of their own!


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