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Prostitution is ok, swearing isn't

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Billie Piper is set to prove she's a big girl now by using the C-word on TV.

The 24-year-old, who first found fame as a popstar aged 15, is set to shock with her saucy antics in a role as a high-class hooker - and her foul mouth.

Billie, who made her name as an actress in Doctor Who, is about to star in ITV2's Secret Diary of a Call Girl based on the bestselling book.

In the first episode on September 27, Billie's character Belle utters the rude word as a prank goes wrong.

John Beyer, director of Media watch was outraged. He said: "This is likely to cause considerable offence.

"Itv and Billie Piper have displayed poor judgement."

Itv said it was acceptable as the show will be screened late.

Billie develops a lingerie fetish

“I got this really cute Agent Provocateur underwear with a big bow which is really pretty,” she said. “I loved the underwear in the show and now I am buying it for myself in real life.”

“Now I am broke and I have got all this underwear,” she confessed. “Every time I go past an Agent Provocateur shop I think, 'I can't go in, I can't go in,’ and then I do go in and buy something else.”

“I do enjoying glamming up now,” she said. “I have started wearing heels all the time now. That show has been the start of something bad.”

Source - pic of Piper in said undies at the link.

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