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Jake "bearded and political" in Toronto...

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Bearded and Political in Toronto

As Brokeback-director Ang Lee grabbed yet another Golden Lion in Venice, Jake Gyllenhaal was giving really good face as he arrived at the premiere of the CIA-thriller Rendition at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday. He gave an interview to the Toronto Star about the film, answering a few questions about acting and politics:

"I get about 15 emails a day from my mother. And each one has links to all these political blogs she thinks I should check out. What I really liked about this script (Rendition), and what I really admired about Gavin (Hood, Rendition's South African-born director) is that politics is secondary to the human story. And as an actor I'm always interested in the human side of politics. The thing about this movie is that everybody believes they're acting out of the best intentions. They all think they're doing some kind of good. And they're all acting on what they've been told. But who's to say what you're being told is the truth? I think people question whether they're being told the truth in situations like this. And who can blame them? Even worse, a lot of people have even lost the want for the truth. I heard somebody say recently that people actually prefer ignorance. I know I do a lot of the time. The truth can be painful."

Jake made no mention of his rumored relationship with co-star Reese Witherspoon. View the trailer for Rendition after the jump...


Okay, so here's my theory. I LOVE Peter Sarsgaard. But I have to admit...he strikes me as a bit on the effete side. So he hooks up with Maggie Gyllenhaal and suddenly has 24/7 access to brother-in-law Jakey-poo? Yep. How many movies have Peter & Jake been in since Maggie came to the rescue? At least two that I can think of... What a family to marry into, any which way!

Peter Sarsgaard: Gay? Or nay??


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