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Man Who Murdered Kelsey Grammer's Sister Up For Parole

The man convicted of killing Kelsey Grammer's sister Karen in 1975 is up for parole in January.

On Sunday, KOAA spoke to a retired detective who worked the case.

"This was one of the first cases that I really got involved with where we actually solved the case from beginning to end," said Lou Smit.

Smit says in 1975, 18-year-old Karen Grammer was outside a Red Lobster on South Academy in Colorado Springs, waiting for her boyfriend to get off of work, when three guys tried to rob the restaurant. Smit says thinking that she would be able to recognize them, they kidnapped her. Smit says they drove her to a trailer park near Wahsatch Avenue, let her out of the car and stabbed her several times.

Freddie Lee Glenn was convicted for her murder. He is currently at the Bent County Correctional Facility in Las Animas, where he is serving three life terms for several crimes.

Glenn is up for parole in January. Smit says he doesn't think Glenn should ever be released.

"It's just a couple of old retired law enforcement people that still do remember and remember the families of these victims and it's just something we can still do," Smit said.


So sad. His father was also murdered, and he lost both of his twin half brothers to a shark attack. I hope he doesn't get out on parole, just for the sake of sanity.

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