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LA schools to participate in Rowlilng's book tour

Forty schools were selected randomly and the list was announced Monday at a news conference attended by LAUSD Superintendent David L. Brewer III and representatives from the schools. A student from each of the 40 schools will attend the event based on an essay contest, school district spokesperson Ellen Morgan said.

The winning students will join Rowling on Oct. 15 as she reads from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," answers questions about the entire series, and signs a book for each student. [...]

-- Panorama High School
-- Canoga Park High School
-- Nobel Middle School
-- Nestle Elementary School
-- Encino Elementary School
-- Lewis Continuation High School
-- Arleta High School
-- Maclay Middle School
-- Van Nuys Middle School
-- Herrick Elementary School
-- Canfield Elementary School
-- Short Elementary School
-- University High School
-- Emerson Middle School
-- Audubon Middle School
-- Hancock Park Elementary School
-- King Middle School
-- Berendo Middle School
-- Eagle Rock High School
-- Hollywood High School
-- Bravo Medical Magnet High School
-- Garfield High School
-- Griffith Middle School
-- Stevenson Middle School
-- Marianna Elementary
-- Huntington Park Elementary School
-- San Antonio Elementary School
-- Ellen Ochoa Learning Center
-- Gage Middle School
-- South Gate High School
-- Weigand Elementary School
-- Bethune Middle School
-- Edison Middle School
-- Fremont High School
-- Manual Arts High School
-- Banning High School
-- San Pedro High School
-- Wilmington Middle School
-- Peary Middle School
-- President Elementary School


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Recent Posts from This Community