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Inside the VMAs: Britney's Performance

A couple of people asked me to post when my friend called me with info about the VMAs. So I got off the phone with her an hour ago and I took notes. This is just what my friend Nat told me I wasn't there so I'm just reporting what she told me.

- she said no one there saw Britney's complete "magic" routine...it was more of a concept that her and Cris had that was way too complicated..that was never completely shown to them

- she also said that Britney was super friendly to everyone

- Britney changed her mind on her performance costume 4 different times...before deciding on the one she wore

- Britney was really pumped to go on stage...everyone was watching backstage and there was dead silence

- she said Cris Angel is really skeevy, he has a contract with some other hotel in Vegas and they had some problems with that....and everytime he was with Britney he kept adding new ideas to what she could do

- basically she just said that no one knows why Britney went out there and froze...she rehearsed what she performed

- I asked about the shoe and she laughed and said to her knowledge nothing was wrong with it

- when Britney left the stage she was all smiles

More Stuff:

rihanna is so sweet, but she has horrible acne on her face
she says that timbaland was only the maestro bc justin would only perform if tim could too

If you wanna know anymore info I can ask her tonite when I see her...she gets back to NYC at 9

source: my friend Natalie

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