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Are you afriad of the Dark & One Tree Hill

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Direct Source, one of our favorite Canadian DVD companies, has announced the fourth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? for release on November 13. This 3-disc set includes all 13 episodes from the fourth season:
    The Midnight Society is back with more chills, thrills and scary, scary fun. This influential series made TV history with its talented young cast, incredibly written story lines, and super spooky atmosphere. Season 4 highlights include" The Tale of the Quiet Librarian," "The Tale of the Ghostly Grinner, and parts 1 and 2 of "The Tale of Cutter's Way," with series favorites Dr. Vink and Sardo. Revisit the show or check it out for the first time, these 13 episodes have something for everyone: the fascination of great ghost stories, the exhilaration of urban legends and the the freakiness of paranormal phenomena, all served up with smart and sassy attitude.

  • The Tale of Cutter's Treasure Part 1
  • The Tale of Cutter's Treasure Part 2
  • The Tale of the Renegade Virus
  • The Tale of the Long Ago Locket
  • The Tale of the Water Demons
  • The Tale of the Quiet Librarian
  • The Tale of the Silent Servant
  • The Tale of the Room for Rent
  • The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner
  • The Tale of the Fire Ghost
  • The Tale of the Unfinished Painting
  • The Tale of the Closet Keepers
  • The Tale of Train Magic

    The episode synopses will be the only extra on this set, and the suggested retail price should be $29.99 Canadian. This is a Canadian only release, so you'll have to order it from once they list it.

    one tree hill Season 4

    A week ago we first showed the box art for One Tree Hill - The Complete 4th Season, as scanned from a promo flyer Warner inserted into a new release. Now we've gotten ahold of a hi-res shot of the same picture, complete with a peek of the disc label art slipping out of the right side. That's below, and underneath that we also have a look at the back of the box, too!

    The promo flyer said to expect this release in January. We can now tell you that the exact street date is January 1st, New Year's Day. That's still subject to change, but right now that is Warner's plans for this 6-disc set. Cost will be $59.98 SRP, for 21 episodes running about 880 minutes. Here is the studio description of the release, followed by the extras and then all the artwork:
      Goodbye, Tree Hill High. Graduation nears. And with its approach comes the realization that, for students and parents alike, life is changing forever. There are new loves to nurture, old scores still to settle. The longtime triangle of Lucas, Peyton and Brooke finally comes down to two. The memory of Keith - or is it his spirit? - inspires Lucas and Nathan, and haunts Dan. Peyton is terrorized by a stalker. Two expectant mothers are about to raise Tree Hill's population stats. Lucas begins to wonder what really happened the terrifying day Keith died. And the Ravens - led by Coach Whitey Durham - have one last chance for hoops glory and the state championship. Live for now. Make way for what's to come. Hello, future...

    Extras as Listed on the Rear of the Package (seen below):
    • Unaired Scenes
    • "One Tree Hill In Your Town" behind-the-scenes featurette
    • "James Lafferty: One Tree Hill Fourth Annual Charity Basketball" featurette
    • "One Tree Hill Time Capsule" featurette
    • Commentary on 3 Episodes by Series Creator Mark Schwahn and Key Cast and Crew
    • Gag Reel

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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