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Pope Jean Paul O'Brien

Monday Monday Monday....MONDAY. How was everyone's weekend? Good? Bad? Ugly? Excellent.

Let me get right down to it: We here at the show rely a great deal on interns, but we rely even more on the lifeblood of NBC and the NBC family; we rely on a creature often sighted on the premises, but very seldom seen roaming in the wild: The NBC Page.

NBC Pages are indispensible to us. For one, they staff our ticket office, for another, they man the Studio Page Desk, escort our guests to and from their expensive limozzzines, and they help work our awesome audiences! We give them our thanks day in and day out, but there finally came a time when we here at the show decided that we needed to let the best pages know just how great a job they were doing. A day dawned where we realized that we needed to give back just a bit more. We thought that the NBC Pages who were really busting their butts needed to be recognized in a more public and permanent way than us just saying "thanks dude"... Both to let them know that they were super awecellent, and to encourage other pages to strive for a similar level of excellence!! So we here at the show created something special to give to those special Pages:

The Conanized Pin!!!

The NBC Pages all wear uniforms that make them all look the same. The only real way they have to distinguish themselves is by wearing different pieces of "flair" - not unlike the movie "Office Space" - only instead of random crap, the buttons and pins pasted on a Page show what NBC assignments they've worked on; so if you're a Page and you work on the Olympics, you can get an Olympic pin. If you work on SNL, you can get an SNL pin. However, the Conanized pins are a little different, because you don't just get one for working on our show - you have to be awarded one for doing a good job. And that's the ONLY way that you can get one of these! I know!!! Crazy, right?!

(PS - don't bother asking me for one. I will laugh in your face... Or whatever the internet equivalent of "laughing in your face" is... IMLIYF? I don't know. Whatever).

Staff members, NBC Brass, everyone has asked for these, and no one gets them. THE ONLY WAY TO GET A CONANIZED PIN IS TO BE A NBC PAGE AND DO A GREAT JOB WORKING ON OUR SHOW. (Or I guess you could be given one from a former page. BUT STILL. They had to do a good job in the first place!)

It goes down like this: There is a monthly Page meeting, where our Audience Coordinator (and my sister) Lisa gives out the Conanized pins to those who she thinks deserves them - there's no set number that are given out; it just depends on who's doing a good job! As you can imagine, these pins are HIGHLY sought after by NBC Pages, because there are so few given out - and there's no guarantee that you'll get one! Reportedly, a little while back there was a little bit of a "revolt" among the Pages over the pins, and a bunch of NBC Pages made fake Conanized pins and wore them around for awhile!!! HILARIOUS! They were all killed.

You may think that the story stops there, but NO! The tremendous tale of the Conanized pins has one final chapter, true believers! There is ONE and ONLY ONE exception that was made with the Conanized pins; a few weeks back, Lisa got a call from the wardrobe department over at the hysterical yet intelligent NBC comedy show "30 Rock" - they asked (very politely) if they could have one of the pins to put on Kenneth the Page's uniform to wear on the show!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Of course, we were thrilled and immediately sent one over... So be sure to look for that on the new season of 30 Rock!

Ugh, anyone else hate Conan? I didn't used to but his schtick has gotten old and tbh he's not good enough to do The Tonight Show. Neither is Leno but that's neither here nor there.


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