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M.I.A. is M.I.A...

As many of you know, M.I.A. was scheduled to have a CD signing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Detroit at noon today. There were about 40-50 people waiting in line. Time starts going by and she hasn't shown. At about 12:15, they make an annoucement that she will be out in 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, they make another anouncement stating she's stuck in traffic but will be there in 10 minutes. Finally at around 1:30 p.m. they make their final announcement stating that she won't be making it. Everyone seemed to be pretty upset, and even though I'm sure it was out of her hands, it's still disappointing. I even made a ONTD sign to have her hold up, sorry to disappoint, guys! Hopefully her show tonight will more than make up for her absence. (Which I'm absolutely sure it will.)

Source: Me and my tired legs

P.S. Spare me with the "She probably didn't want to get shot" comments...

EDIT!After the concert, I waited outside the gates in the freezing cold for about an hour and a half. There were only about 15 people there. All of a sudden I turn and see M.I.A. leaving the side door to get into a limo. I go over to the limo, after she had already gotten inside, and said "Please come out! Please come out!" After about 3 minutes she drives away. My cousin and I were the ONLY two people standing outside of her limo. After bailing on the signing earlier, she couldn't even sign ONE autograph? Please. I am so over her. Thanks!

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